Frequently Asked Questions about neurofelixir®

neurofelixir® is a plant-based product whose components support the function of nerve cells¹, the energy balance² and the memory function³. neurofelixir® contains important micronutrients for brain, memory and concentration.⁴ As a plant-based product, developed by experts in neurology and stem cell biology, neurofelixir® combines more than 20 plant substances, vitamins and amino acids.
neurofelixir® is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. You can order neurofelixir® directly "Here". We would also be pleased to advise you personally and also accept orders by e-mail.
neurofelixir® combines more than 20 secondary plant substances, amino acids and vitamins in one product.
neurofelixir® should be prepared daily. Ideally, you should make neurofelixir® an integral part of your daily routine, for example at breakfast, so that it becomes a daily habit. If you have forgotten to take it at the usual time, simply take it as soon as you notice it.
neurofelixir®-Powder: Place the contents of one sachet in a glass with 250 ml of water or fruit juice once a day, preferably after breakfast, and mix the mixture. We recommend the addition of one tablespoon of Omega-3 oil to neurofelixir®.
The use of neurofelixir® in combination with a tablespoon of oil ensures that all fat-soluble components can be optimally absorbed by the body. NorSan's high quality Omega-3 oil is a useful supplement to neurofelixir® as it is produced under the strictest quality controls in Norway.
We recommend using it in the first half of the day after breakfast.
One sachet of drinking powder or 6 capsules corresponds to one daily portion. neurofelixir® was specially developed for daily consumption, it should be used daily and regularly. neuroflixir is suitable for continuous, long-term consumption.
neurofelixir® is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in Germany. It has no known side effects or interactions.
neurofelixir® is vegan and contains neither gluten nor lactose. It can therefore also be consumed without hesitation in cases of known intolerance or hypersensitivity to these two substances.
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